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Often we have to combine many things forcibly, and even more often - consciously. For example, combine beauty treatments with household chores. Of course, we are much more fortunate than our mothers and grandmothers, because we have a lot of helpers at our disposal - household appliances, for example, and medicines for home care.

Tell us about your personal care and medical assistants at home - maybe it's a home exercise machine or home manicure device, a miracle Express mask, or a healthy Breakfast recipe that you inherited. The more examples, the better. It may be a well-practiced grooming ritual - when you have time to wash your clothes or cook dinner while exposed to a mask or product. Or some kind of life hack to keep your hair up until the end of the day, and the varnish is not smeared after application, even when you are doing household chores all day, playing with children or doing sports. Can you do a self-massage of the face by holding the dye on your hair? Have you discovered a special way to apply balsam to your hair? Convenient appliances that allow you to save time on washing, cooking, washing dishes or cosmetic devices can also become the heroes of your story. Can you tell us about a miracle massage Mat or roller for elastic skin, a device for home ultrasonic peeling?


Aquapura is a new form of Laundry detergents, which replaces the usual powder. Thanks to its unique technology, it has a delicate powder texture.

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